What Else Do We Do?


All jointed paving will lose sand overtime due to weather conditions and general usage.


Re-Sanding is available, but despite the popular myth, to maintain sand depth to the top of the joint is not absolutely essential for paving stability. However Re-Sanding will enhance the finished appearance.


Re-Sanding after cleaning is available if required and is purely a personal option.

Surface Protection

Once your surfaces are back to good as new you may want to protect them to prevent staining and weathering from becoming deeply established.


Our (eco friendly) protection once applied will invisibly impregnate the surface and provide years of protection without any change in appearance.

Conservatory / Orangery Cleaning

Conservatories look beautiful immediately after installation. But in reality, they will weather & start to look old without any reasonable level of maintenance.


Your conservatory can be cleaned to restore it to a well maintained appearance along with some preventative methods to maintain its look.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is definitely a blot on the landscape. It is anti-social & guaranteed to decrease the value of any property wether Commercial or Residential.


People will always associate graffiti with anti-social areas. If you suffer from a graffiti problem we are happy to provide removal advice.