Conservatories look beautiful immediately after installation. But in reality, they will weather & start to look old without any reasonable level of maintenance.

Your conservatory can be cleaned to restore it to a well maintained appearance along with some preventative methods to maintain its look.


Gutters are often a VERY overlooked yet integral part of any buildings weatherproofing & waterproofing system. They allow the safe run-off of water from the building, protecting the external surfaces and foundations from water damage. A blocked gutter can cause a host of problems. Debris and water blocked in the gutter can be so heavy that the gutter is pulled away from the building fascia. Backed-up water can cause leaks inside the property and staining on the internal surface.

Regular cleaning easily prevents these issues.

Don’t put your property at risk by ignoring such a quick & simple cleaning task. Don’t put yourself at risk by scaling ladders. Let us do the hard & dirty work for you!!


Oil stains on driveways are an extremely common occurrence and can be very unsightly as well as creating a severe slip hazard (especially with the British weather). If dealt with quickly most oil can be removed, HOWEVER the longer the oil is left, the harder it is to remove.

We have a special process for dealing with oil spillages that we have spent MANY years perfecting. Although we do still advise you take action ASAP.